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Heavenly Cheesecakes

Wedding / Special Event Cakes

Wedding / Special Event Cakes (1)

Planning a wedding or other special party? We work with your florist or caterer to provide a cheesecake that can be decorated to reflect your unique style and taste.

All the Cakes

All the Cakes (40)

Our motto is: We skip the fluff to give you the real stuff!
What we mean is we leave the toppings and decorations to you so that we can focus on delivering a product with the highest quality and freshest ingredients, and our cakes are dense so you do not need a huge slice to be satisfied.

Samplers & Gift Packs

Samplers & Gift Packs (6)

Can't decide what flavor to order? Maybe you would like to try something new, or maybe you would like to introduce some of our products to a friend?
If the answer is yes, then this section is for you..

Seasonal Cheesecakes & Fruitcake

Seasonal Cheesecakes & Fruitcake (5)

We make a limited number of these cakes so we recommend ordering early. They will keep nicely in the freezer until you are ready to break them out for that special occasion, or if an any-day treat is in order..